AC Computers specializes in new and used computer hardware.  We service computers and peripherals, and also carry used software.  Our focus is upgrading existing systems, and building custom systems to your specifications. 

Used items are all on consignment.  If you have used hardware or software you don't need any longer, check our consignment policy.  It gives you the opportunity to recoup some of the money you spent on the items, and helps fund your next upgrade.



There are a lot of changes going on.  We expanded, taking over the store next to us.  We added a doorway between the stores.  We're also expanding the number of new items we carry, especially we have the space to be able to display them.

Now that we have the space, we've put a couple of new computers on display.  We have an upper end system, a mid-range, and one of the small Atom systems on display.  These systems are for sale, but are also a springboard for custom-built systems.  Right now, we're having trouble at times keeping the systems built up and on display.  It seems people want their new computer now, not in a day or two.  They'll settle for what we have on display rather than settle for what the big boys are offering.  So stop by and take a look.

Bill's Radio and Television, located right behind us, have a couple of new televisions on display.  We took he liberty of hooking them up to our new computers and were quite impressed with the results.  You can actually read the text in the Internet Explorer without having to make everything very large.  Media files are clear and crisp.  Nothing like having a 42" monitor!  I want one, please!

I'm sure there are questions as to why you should buy your next computer from us.  To answer some of these questions we put together a page that addresses these issues.  We are confident that if you look at the whole picture, we'll be building you next computer.  Click here to find out why you should buy your computer from us.

We have a page that describes the software we use to keep our systems running.  Between viruses, spyware, and other annoyances, we're letting you know how we survive them.  Our PC Survival Kit is accessible under Maintenance and technical information, or just click here.  It was recently updated to include a couple of programs that have been working well for us.  The Spyware page is currently being updated, so look for changes there, too.

SpywareBlaster is up to version 4.1.  AdAware has their Anniversary Edition out, and Spybot S&D is at version 1.6.  Mozilla Firefox is at version 3.0.7.

We can not overemphasize the importance of having a good anti-virus program on your system.  Viruses seem to be everywhere these days, and a good many of them come from your friends. If the subject matter doesn't seem to fit the person who sent it to you, then be very careful.  A good anti-virus program will identify the virus when it comes in your e-mail and handle it before you even get a chance to open it.  While we've been preaching this for quite some time, it seems that many people don't listen.  While it is bad for them, it is good for business.

A thought to keep in mind as you're driving around.  Always be nice to pedestrians, you never know when you will be one!

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